About “Funny Balloon” games

“Funny Balloon” is a compilation of learning games on tablets for kids starting from age 3+ till 6.

Color Tutorial
Coloring Book
Jigsaw Puzzles

Easter Eggs Paint
Tongue Gymnastics

Games from “Funny Balloon” compilation are diverse in form, rather easy and enjoyable.

We have not expected children edged 7 years to play “Funny Balloon” with pleasure. However “Funny Balloon” is designed for children from 3 to 6 years.

Soft artistic design of the material is very essential for children of this age. “Funny Balloon” is not overloaded with graphic, photographic material is in preference. For adults, such design may seem to be too simple and dull, but it definitely does not overload the kid’s nervous system.

We understand that our audience are parents (those who pay), but from the beginning to the end, we are working in the interests of the child.

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